Pick a you, any you!

Read an interesting article on the emotional cost of living online (click on title above to read article) and it really got me thinking.

Our online profiles give us the capability to put on different masks and multiple personalities that authenticity has essentially lost it’s meaning. We’ve become so enamored with broadcasting our status updates and keeping up with our “iconic selves” that we’re losing interest in real life. “It’s us and not us, the version of ourselves we want to be, the version we think most likely to win approval.” We’ve become accustomed to pleasing others or attracting attention, whatever it takes to get the most “likes” and comments in return.

So the author asks….”Where did we become convinced that the faux is any more acceptable than the real? And why do we so readily buy into the idea that the images everyone else is presenting are any more real than our own? Why is it so hard to embrace the idea that, to varying degrees, we’re all a little messy?”

Good questions, really good questions.

I don’t really have answers yet, but I can easily say that my facebook profile is just a small portion of how I perceive and would like to portray myself. Besides, why divulge all my dirty secrets when I don’t need to.


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