for my co wanderlusters out there

Why Travel

Because when you leave behind the familiar, you can’t help but be changed by the foreign.
Because comfort zones become constricting zones over time.
Because the world was meant to be experienced, not imagined.
Because you’ll meet people who are different than you. (Are we all the same? Not really, but that’s OK.)
Because it will frustrate and annoy you at times, and you’ll be better because of it.
Because you are afraid, and it’s always good to make peace with your fears.

Where to?

That’s up to you — it’s a big world out there. The choice of destinations is far less important than the choice to depart.
When you return you’ll look back on your journey and think, Did that really happen? Was I really in the land of _____?
And then you’ll go through reentry and reverse culture shock, and then you’ll face a choice.

Option 1: to reminisce, to think about those days when you were brave, and that time when dreaming was something you did wide awake.
Option 2: to take another look at the map, and start planning the next adventure.

Which will it be?


Note to Self: This article doesn’t exactly help with the “responsible dilemma” of staying home and earning that income but it definitely helps with the long term motivation.  Work your ass of now, save up for your dreams, then set the world on fire.  Just promise never ever to loose track of your dreams.


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