believe in change

Someone recently asked me what I believe in and the first word that came to mind was change. I could have easily said that I believe in God or science or the law, but at that moment, all I could think of was change.

I’ve been dwelling on that conversation ever since.  When things get tough, change is the only thing that feels right. Even if it’s simultaneously frustrating and enlightening, it’s a struggle that’s worth keeping up with.  It’s everything from a new outfit to a healthier diet to an inner revolution.  Of course it can get overwhelming, especially with each question of what could happen next and how to handle it. Although if there’s one lesson throughout all of it, it’s a lesson to trust the process of time.   Learn to accept that things really do happen when they’re meant to. Whether its a happening too fast, a second too late or a year overdue, there’s a reason things unfold when they do.  It’s life’s way of equally protecting and rewarding us.

Perhaps that’s also why it really doesn’t hurt to go with the flow.  There’s no use calculating risk, fearing the uncertain, or even settling on complacency. 

Change always happens, it’s up to us to define it.


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