…when death comes like a thief in the night…

You know that cliche that goes “be kind to everyone you meet, because you never know if that moment could your/their last”? Well it just came true. A family friend, whom I consider to be my uncle, mentor, musician, comedic relief and overall inspiration, suddenly passed away yesterday. He was a fairly healthy individual but just like that, he’s gone. GONE!

Within our community of friends and family that knew him, we all respected and valued his presence. He was the person that everyone loved and no one ever had a complaint about. Aside from being a stellar dad and husband, he was a mentor and second parent for the youth, a brother and confidant for his peers, a down-to-earth comedian and even a one-man band that kept us all entertained. Even if we were not that close, I always enjoyed my interactions with him. He was an overall jolly guy that made everyone feel instantly comfortable even at first encounter. He was truly kind to everyone, simply because they mattered to him.

It’s certainly not easy to accept that you’ve left us so soon, Uncle Arnie. It’s even harder to accept that we’ll never be able to share another conversation, another meal, or even just another laugh together again. Thank you for the blessing us with your kindness, your beautiful music and your inspiring accomplishments. Thank you for the gift of being yourself.

Rest in God’s loving embrace Uncle Arnie, may peace be with you and everyone you’ve left behind. You will always be missed, never forgotten.


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