the damn glass ceiling

Yesiree, I’m determined to break it and let it shatter to pieces, no matter what it takes.  I’m enjoying the challenge and learning curve, but I do feel like everyday is a different test of breaking that glass ceiling.  I’m young, I’m brown and I’m a female in a predominantly white, very male and age-authority driven field.  It’s a test of wit, perseverance and grace under pressure; but I’m learning to work around it.  Besides, it’s all about perception management, right?  Confidence in the midst of ambiguity; that’s the trick of the trade.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  Today felt like one of those mentally draining days of “wtf did I get myself into” but I’m kicking my ass to stay motivated.

Any other suggestions that could help say “watch out for breaking glass, suckas” (corny I know, but still..) would be greatly appreciated =)

Cheers to us!


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