may we all find the homes we seek

I was browsing through a few Craigslist ads and saw the title at the end of the post. It’s been on my mind ever since.

The definition of home -how, who and what makes it feel as special as it does – is something I’ve always redefined for myself. I’ve moved so many times that home has become a relative term for me. It’s more than the place I was born; it’s more than the place where my family is; it’s more than the place I grew up and still have a sense of belonging to; it’s more than where I currently live.

Ironically (as if he heard me), my old neighbor from my hometown (the place I was born) posted this on facebook and it speaks volumes for things I’ve felt and had a loss for words for:

“Y’know, a lot of people literally hold the idea of home to be a permanent, fixed place. As we grow older, I think I’ve come to see it as less of a place, and more of something we take with us. That we hold onto when it all falls apart. And in this life, it all falls apart A LOT. That’s why home is so important. It’s not so much a place as it is a moment. A moment we spend all our days hunting for. A moment when amidst all this rushing madness, we feel safe and we feel free. Free to make mistakes, feel to let out that one bad word, free to be flawed and yet so loved at the same time. Home is a moment we’re all looking for.”

And with that…..all I’m left to say is… may we all find the homes our hearts seek.


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