Updates from the inside out

This was written 2 weeks ago but I’m only posting it here now.  I guess in a way I’ve been avoiding processing my thoughts.  Detaching from trying to fit that mold of a “structured” life.  Detaching from worrying about what my mold should be.  Overall, detaching.

Anyway, since I haven’t posted in so long and since I really need to do some thought detoxing, I hope you don’t mind the scatter-brained emo dump below:

  • I know it’s been stated too many times, but facebook really is a facade.  It’s become so popular because it’s an avenue for people to get attention from a constant audience.  I’ve been assessing my approach to it too and I realized I’ve been happier when I don’t refresh my newsfeed so much.  In a way, I feel better not knowing what I’m missing out on or what I could be doing. Here’s a really good article with the same idea: http://matadornetwork.com/life/why-i-quit-facebook/
  • Never ever undersell your worth.  Even if you may have doubts, owning up to your potential proves you’re already worth it.  Keep your grace under pressure and you’ll be rewarded.  I’ve learned this the hard way, trust me.
  • Change is one of those inevitable things we love and hate.  It can be tough to bear, tougher to accept, but it always yields some sort of growth with it.  I’m at another threshold now.  It’s cumbersome to figure out which is a better option, or to specify which one I’m more prepared for, and even worse – I have to pick my path really soon. Aaahhhh!!!
  • As much as society thinks we’re race tolerant, the disparity is still very evident in so many ways.  Try not to be too naive and think that people have accepted you the way you are.  Be on guard, lest ye be judged. I’ve learned this the hard way too.
  • Never ever underestimate God’s presence in your life.

Ok that’s a lot for now. Will post some more later.


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