je ne sais quoi

This phrase may be used often, but it can also mean so much. A quick web search says it’s “a quality or attribute that is difficult to express” or “intangible quality that makes something (or someone) distinctive or attractive.”  Everything about this phrase has kept me intrigued.

It’s a feeling that makes your gut feel good.  Somehow common occurrences or even uncomfortable situations feel….what’s the word? Amusing. Safe. Comfortable. Scintillating.

It’s what makes someone stand out.  That unique natural spark that makes their presence so striking.  Unintentionally and unknowingly, they presence is just so…………simply elegant.  They can be wearing the shabbiest of outfits, but still look royally attractive.  They can be dressed up and it would seem as if their outfit was specifically tailored for them.

It’s that magnetic quality that no matter how much force or how many times we try to go against it, we somehow keep getting back into that distinctive yet fascinating feeling.

Amusing isn’t it?  I’ve definitely been noticing it a lot more lately and am running out of words to make it real.

Je ne sais quoi…..that’s what makes magic happen (or at least I hope it does *wink).


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