Hold on to your child like wonder

Oftentimes, in keeping up with the demands of our adult lives, we restrain our free spirits and wear masks of uncomfortable maturity.  Of course we can’t be kids forever.  Of course we can’t always be gullible, naive and ignorant of the way the world actually works.  But….of course, we also shouldn’t let go of of our childlike wonder.

Children have a wonderful fascination for life and the beauty it perceives.  They have such an untainted trust for others and hope for the future that keeps them inspired.  As we’ve gotten older and have more to live up to, we should never forget how great it felt to be amazed by life. Little things are really meant to be amusing.  Ice cream sure can’t fix a bad day, but it definitely makes it better.  Let the simple joys spoil you.

Let yourself be awed by the little things in your grown up life. Keep the faith. Learn to trust again. Don’t allow yourself to be desensitized to the world around you.

Think about how things are predestined or beautifully by chance. Fascinate yourself with what you’re passionate about. Be fascinated that you can be fascinated. Be glad. Be grateful. Be proud of yourself. Give yourself a metaphorical gold star when you accomplish something. Do not let the fire burn out of your soul.

Never let go of your childlike wonder.  Hold on to what keeps you warm, fuzzy and hopeful inside.


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