About Me

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

I’ve recently hit a slump in life.  Like many others in their 20s, I hit that painful and proverbial “WTF is going on with my life” stage.  I asked myself all of life’s unforgiving questions of who, what, where and how.  I felt like a drone sucked into the “work-home-work” lifestyle surviving for the paycheck and nothing more.  I even hit a point that I didn’t want to be me.  Even worse, I was ready to give up on life.

Thanks for my love for writing, I’ve been able to find a detox and anti-drug.  Writing has been helping me sort out the craziness in my head. In more ways than I realize, it’s helping me regain my zest for the little things that mean so much.  Little by little, I’m learning to love life all over again.  As much as I enjoy writing, I figure it’s also time for me to dedicate more to this “happiness project” and focus more on what matters to me.

So welcome to my happiness journal. These are my notes to myself, expressions and reminders that simplicity really is elegant in and of itself.  As you read through my posts, I really do hope you find another boost to life as much as I have.  I hope you enjoy the categories and pages I’ve decided to sort this blog into:


Notes to Self:  Dear me, love me. Here’s some pep talk to make the most of life.

Quotes:   I love quotable quotes! I’ve always liked to collect every sort of empowering, inspiring, funny, and kick ass quote I’ve come across.     Nerdy, I know, but hey it’s definitely helped me a lot in life

Music:  Simply stated “music is what my feelings sound like”. I love how it makes my thoughts feel real. It can easily be my refuge when I’m angry or sad, my spirit booster for a happier day and yes, medicine for my mind.

Random Insights:  Just as I like writing, I like to read a lot of blogs and articles too.  Here are insights my insatiable curiosity      has “stumbled upon”

Random Vents: Although this is meant to be a happiness journal, I do have to let off some steam too.

Surviving the Money Diet: Notes on living frugally exquisitely.


Chasing Adventure: I have a big bad dream of traveling the world. There’s so much more to life by seeing the world, not just by being in it. I know it’s a lofty goal to chase adventure so faraway, but I don’t care. For now, I’ll gladly be an armchair traveler but sooner or later, I’ll be out there.

Visual Inspirations: Images that please my heart and hopefully does the same for you too!

Happy reading!  Please leave comments  too.  I always appreciate and take feedback to heart.  Carpe diem!


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