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Let’s face it, we all have a love/hate relationship for money. We can buy the whole world, but still feel empty. We can barely have enough, but still feel happy. Here are my chronicles for surviving this battle.


People often ask me when I plan to buy a new gadget or wardrobe accessory. Not all of them are luxuries, they’re essential in many ways too. I’m actually proud of myself for lasting this long without them. Believe me, I really do want them too.

Even though it can be a challenge, I will always opt to splurge on valued experiences rather than items that may be insignificant soon enough. It certainly has it’s disadvantages but none that I regret. Life’s meant to be enjoyed, not about having (or not having) enough.


subtractions that add value

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that small things add up to bigger things really easily.  It works both ways – not only can little details turn out to be remarkable blessings; but little mistakes can also easily add up to bigger hassles.

So I figured I need to do an all around detoxification of sorts.  Not a tragic change since that can overwhelm me, but step by step methods that will help weed out the unnecessary and make way for much needed growth.

Step One

“If it wasn’t for money we’d all be rich” – did my accounting today and also unsubscribed from all my travel deal, groupon, living social etc emails.  Anything that would entice me to  unnecessarily spend.

Step Two

I’m limiting eating out as much as I can.  Aiming to do a 30 day no eating out challenge, but easing myself into it.

Will keep adding as I progress. So far so good.  It’s a lot of determination at this point.