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Day of Impact


I volunteered with City Impact in the SF tenderloin yesterday. It was such a humbling and rewarding experience to meet and serve the homeless. The day started out with a really powerful p&w, then followed with outreach service that included a block party with music, food and prayers; then a section with haircuts, mani/pedis, medical check ups and free clothing; followed by fun workshops and a praise fest for closing.

I’ve been feeling really lost lately and figured a day of service could help take my mind off things. I was slightly nervous about going by myself and not knowing what I was getting into; but instead, I had fun getting to know people, heard a lot of heartwarming stories and left with a renewed feeling of spiritual nourishment.

If you’re feeling stressed out, troubled or lost like I was try volunteering. Not only will you be able to help others but you’ll gain a deeper sense of self and understanding of life.

C’est la vie!



You’re the best!


NTS 6: good things come to those who persevere


Good reminder to persevere. It’s easy to think, “This is never going to change. I’m never going to see my dreams come to pass.” No, provision is there. Dig down a little bit deeper.Shake off the self-pity, shake off what didn’t work out, shake off the complacency and turn up your praise, you’ll soon tap in to the blessing and provision He has prepared for you!

I love staring at sunsets, they give me so much peace


my mom, the daredevil


Not many people can brag about their mom skydiving at the age of 58. Here she is mid-air, having the time of her life, just a few months after a hip surgery and being diagnosed with throat cancer.

Cheers to you mom! You encourage me to follow my passions, no matter what it takes. I’m thankful for you 🙂